lap band

Patients with a laparoscopic gastric band may need the band removed at some point.

There are a number of reasons for this which include :

  1. Complications from the band
    1. this can be acute – such as slippage/severe abdominal pain
    2. erosion of the band into the stomach. This can lead in to infection -liver abscess/port infection
    3. poor swallowing/oesophageal dysmotility barium swallow with marshmallow will help diagnose this.
  2. no further weight gain – and the need to consider reversional surgery
  3. patient choice

The Lap gastric band procedure is now considered not first line treatment for weight loss. There is increasing failure rates noted as the band remains; and most patients will develop a complication from it.

Lap band removal can be done laparoscopically. It involves using the same incisions as when the lap band was placed. The procedure can be done in 30 minutes and the patient can be discharged safely the next day.

However if the band is eroded or there are significant adhesions then the procedure can become more difficult; and may not be straight forward. Occasionally further surgical strategies are required including endoscopic therapies and using a separate incision in the stomach to remove the band. If there is a stomach “hole “ – fistula this may take some time to heal; and an abdominal drain may be placed.

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