The staff will you give you a sheet with informed financial consent so you are well aware of costs associated with the practice – Nepean Weight loss.

The programme fee covers all consultations with Dr. Ahmed for the first year and 5 dietitian appointments after surgery in the first year following surgery.

There are 2 pathways for patients. It’s quite important to know which pathway you are going through.

  1. Privately insured patients: you will be in top cover and have gold level private health insurance. Please check the item number with your health fund to see if you are covered. You may have to upgrade your private heath coverage; and there might be a waiting time for this.
  2. Self Paying (patients with no private health insurance; or private health insurance that does not cover the bariatric surgery item numbers): Again you will be given informed financial consent so you will know all the costs involved. You may also use superannuation to cover the costs of surgery.