1. Gas pain generally means abdominal discomfort . This mainly occurs in the upper abdomen ( just under your breast plate)
2. Pain can occur also in the shoulders or in the upper back as well .
3. Pain occurs generally after surgery. The abdomen is inflated with carbon dioxide gas so that the surgery can be done with the keyhole method. Think of your belly as a collapsed ballon and by inflating that balloon we create space so they the surgery can be done. Once the balloon is let down ; the skin of the balloon or the abdominal wall can be irritated. This is generally referred to as gas pain. It’s a bit like bing “winded”.
4. We recommend to walk walk walk ;a s this will allow the gas pain to decrease.
5. Gas pain can persist up to a few days . Pain can occur also because the new stomach will develop cramps almost like contractions.
6. There are many causes for pain but if there are concerns please contact the office or let your surgeon know.