Pregnancy after weight loss surgery … What’s the big deal ???

A. Pregnancy is not recommended for at least 12-18 months following weight loss surgery.
B. During your weight loss surgery journey the body is trying to reach a set point with regards to your weight. There is significant hormonal; physical and mental balance that needs to occur.
C. Your fertility will increase after weight loss surgery; and it is recommended that pregnancy is avoided during the 12-18 months after surgery. Contraception and safe sex practices may need to be discussed with you and involving your GP.
D. Pregnancy if it happens will change the hormonal mental and physical balance of the body and as such there will be an imbalance.
E. your health and baby’s health are important and if pregnancy occurs then further nutritional and vitamin supplementation may be required.
F. Although infertility and obesity are linked ; weight loss surgery has been to show to increase fertility and it may avoid the need of IVF.