Losing Weight before surgery?
• The Liver in Obese patients is quite large.
• The surgeon needs to lift the liver up and away from the stomach to perform weight loss surgery.
• By losing weight before surgery (5-10kg) this will allow the liver to shrink and be more flexible. This allows the surgeon to lift the liver away improving the view of the stomach to make the surgery more safe.
• We generally recommend at least using 2-3 weeks to obtain such weight loss before surgery.
• Our dietitian will guide you on how to achieve this . For most people it will involve using a VLCD (very low calorie controlled diet) . Usually 3 shakes per day with a protein meal in the evening combined with plenty of water will be what is recommended.
• Diabetic patients; those with gluten or lactose intolerance may need a different strategy.
• We also recommend starting your chewable multivitamins 1 week before surgery so as to understand the texture and taste of the vitamins before surgery.
• Lastly no large volume meals 24 hrs before surgery so that your stomach is as empty as possible.
• You do not need bowel prep to empty your bowels before surgery.